Minutes from Boda Meeting 1999

Die englische Zusammenfassung des Boda Meetings in Hellerup.

Minutes from the annual BODA meeting, 13 February 1999

Before starting the meeting the Swedes and Danes recapitulated the years of chairmanship and concluded as follows:

1992-1993: Germany 1994-1995: Sweden 1996-1997: Denmark 1998-1999: Norway 2000-2001: Germany 2002-2003: Sweden 2004-2005: Denmark 2006-2007: Holland

The principle of how to get the chairmanship is that the respective country will receive the chairmanship on the previous years meeting i.e. Denmark handed over the chairmanship to Norway at the meeting in 1997. Norway thereafter is responsible to handle BODA matters until the meeting in 1999 where the chairmanship was handed over to Germany (Norway will as a final thing be responsible for the minutes from the 1999 meeting).

Participants: Andreas Jud, Martin Hanson, Thomas Nevstad, H.P. Johansen, Stig Arentoft and Christian Behnke.

Hans Knudsen and Thomas Dres informed that they unfortunately couldn't participate. Thomas Dres called and spoke with Thomas who reported to the assembled members. Hans Knudsen sent his remarks to Christian by e-mail afterwards.

National Ballad Club

No. of Boats registered

Total no. of Members

Fee owner / crew

Price on Ballads




SEK 140 / SEK 50

SEK 200,000

Norway (prev. year)



NOK 150 / NOK 50

NOK 160-175,000




DEM 30

DEM 45-50,000




NLG 60 / NLG 35

NLG ???




DKK 180 / DKK 90

DKK 165-200,000


In the Norwegian Ballad Cup the results from the following races counted: Färder, Hollendern and IBC ? the winner was NonStopp and the second place went to Aquila.

One family regatta were arranged but unfortunately only three Ballads participated, although the trend is still moving towards family crusing.

A number of younger people are aquirering a Ballad (especially former Xpress sailors) and they are more regatta oriented why Hans believes that the number of Ballads racing will stabilise.

Hans thinks that the price of a Ballad in Norway is to cheap.

The Norwegian Ballad Club got a new board and Hans is resigning due to his current job situation where he travels allot.


Thanks BODA for being part of the organisation. The Ballad Club Nederland has been approved as a one design organisation in sailing federation in Holland.

The Ballad Club Nederland (BCN) would very much like to have the IBC in 2001. If approved by BODA the event will take place in HORTEN just outside Amsterdam on the Ijslmeer. It is expected that 25 boats from BCN will participate. The respective national Ballad Clubs should at this point investigate the interest among its members to participate in IBC 2001 in Holland and give feed-back to BODA or Thomas Dres.

BODA are willing to accepts that BCN hosts the 2001 IBC provided however that at least one Ballad from BNC participates in Neustadt (IBC 1999) and Lomma (IBC 2000) in order for BCN to get "the feeling" of IBC. Final decision will be taken in Neustadt where BODA will have an extraordinary assembly. If decided that the 2001 IBC is to be held in Holland preliminary invitations describing the facilities, waters and how to get there including distances from the Kieler Chanal should be sent out during the autum of 1999.


Younger members are taking over Ballads and the German Ballad Club had a net increase of 2 members last year. The average age of the members are above 50 years but declining.

10 boats participated i Kieler Woche 1998 sailing under the IOR rules (Yardstick and IMS are on its way out).

The German Ballad Club tries to activate the cruise members but haven?t succeeded so far. In the habour of Asterea lies about 30 Ballads but few are member of the German Ballad Club. It is difficult for the German Ballad Club members to meet on cruise events as the Club so to speak are devided in the Baltic and Nord See region.


There have been many meetings in the Stockholm region where 6-7 boats race (2-3 are very active).

In the Vännern region there have been no activity. In Gothenburg region 8 boats participated in the race "Tjörn Runt".

In the Skone region 6-7 boats have been active in the ÖBM (Öresunds Ballad Mesterskab - selected races both in Sweden and in Denmark). Due to the co-operation between Sweden and Denmark the Ballads normally is the largest class at the races in the Öresund region.


The Danish Ballad Club continues to get new members among others because of Ballads being purchased form Sweden although the number of boats from Sweden has decreased over the last year.

The traditional cruise events and regattas have gathered 10-15 boats in average. The spring cruise event in Øresund was the largest cruise event with 16 participating boats. Sjaelland Rundt had 22 Ballads racing.

A total of 35 boats have participated in the ÖBM with an average of 13 participating boats in each race.

The cruise events still attracts more and more boats and the club are working on expanding the number of events (throughout the country) so every Ballad have the possibility (within reasonably sailing distance) to participate in one of the events.

The Danish Ballad Club were happy with the way IBC 1998 were performed but also to a certain extent disappointed taking the limited number of participants into account. As a result the approx. DKK 12,000 were spent on the event.

BODA economy

There have been some misunderstandings between Andreas and his secretary why Andreas were not able to present the financial report for BODA. After having paid for the moulds for 1998 is seems that BODA holds funds of approx. DEM 610 and that approx DEM 600 will be generated each year.

What is the purpose of collecting membership fee if BODA has no expences? It was agreed that it is a good idea to have some funds in BODA for special purposes, e.g. IBC.

Andreas will present an invoice together with the minutes from the meeting.

Proposals - Genua (head foil acceptable or not)After a long and intense discussion it was decided that the following questions should be addressed to the members:

  • how many have a roller genua today ? how many of the above would consider racing / race more if it was allowed to remove the drum and change the forsail during a regatta ? what are the advantages of a head foil in respect of aerodynamics and speed. What are the rules in respect of head foil in other one design classes. it should be investigated if any of the Ballads racing today would stop racing if head foil is allowed ? and if the case why ?

each national club must have an official opinion on whether head foil should be allowed or not before the next BODA meeting in year 2000.

Andreas is to make a list of the German Ballads with a dispensation for sailing with head foil.

Thomas Nevstad informed that more than 50% of the Swedish Ballads are sailing with a roller genua, and that the number is expected to increase as a result of more and more Ballads being used for crusing.

Proposals - Moulds

As agreed on last years meeting the large moulds should be destroyed. The small moulds are keept at SydAls Badservice who can deliver spare parts. Added after the meeting by Christian Behnke: SydAls Badservice closed down as per July 1 1999. The Danish Ballad Club have taken over the smaller moulds and keeps them in the Copenhagen region. The aim is to be able offer the BODA members to purchase new forhatch, garage etc. When prices are known I will revert to you.

It was decided to revert last years decision on royalty on spare parts produced using the smal moulds due to the very limited sale. SydAls Badservice are though to make note of to who he delivers spare parts and inform the Danish Ballad Club so.

The Danish Ballad Club is for the time being negotiating prices with a company who can deliver new windows including the frame to the Ballads.

Please note the proposals to next years meeting must be the chairman (Andreas Jud) in hand before November 1st.

Christian Behnke