Photo contest 2017

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Ballad photo contest 2017


Please send us your pictures of the Ballad Season 2017!

We are looking forward to receive your photos oft he coming sailing season 2017 – appreciated with a Ballad motive.

Principally allowed are all motives, if they are related with a Ballad.

 Clothing date will be long after sailing season has ended – on  December, 31rst 2017.



Send us your impressive photos oft he Sailing Season 2017. All pictures should be related to a Ballad.



Ballad Klub e.V. Deutsche Klassenvereinigung named 'Ballad Klub'.



The Jury consist of 4 members. Jan Bierschenk, Ralph Giesenberg, Klaus Lange and Jörg Wille.

The Jury will select the best 3 pictures plus – eventually – the best picture of a Ballad Klub member.


Price giving:

The price giving ceremony will take place during the Annual General Meeting 2018 (MV 2018) – expected in March  2018.

In absence the dispatch costs inside Europe will be covered by Ballad Klub.



1rst place: 2 T-Shirts out of the Ballad Spreadshirt-Shop

2nd place: 1 T-Shirt out of the Ballad Spreadshirt-Shop

3rd place: 1 Travel mug with Ballad Logo out of the Ballad Spreadshirt-Shop


Special price for  member of  Ballad Klub e.V. Deutsche Klassenvereinigung:

Ballad half model  as challenge trophy  (to be returned until MV 2019).


Conditions of participation:

1)      All members and friends of the Albin Ballad.  Special invitation to all members of a BODA member club.


2)       The photographer should – if no Ballad is part of the motive – name the Ballad he is owner/skipper of OR the Ballad and her owner/skipper where he is part of the crew.


3)       Photos to be taken in 2017.


4)       Per each participant up to 5 photos can be send via Email to redaktion(at)


5)      Picture format JPEG or TIF with resolution min. 2000 x 1600 Pixel or 300 dpi, a sufficient print quality should be given.


6)      Location and date of each picture should be named.


7)      By transmission of photos – and therefore participation – each participants completely accepts the Conditions of participation. The german text will take precedence.


8)      Each participants assures that he has the full copyright on all transmitted photos and that no rights of third parties or persons are violated.


9)      Each participant assures, that persons on the picture have given their approval for the intended use as described below.


10)   By transmission and hence the acceptance of the ‘Conditions of participation’ each  participants hands over all rights to the Ballad Klub for further use of the pictures free of charge without any restriction incl. the rights to publish the picture for reports oft he photo contest or public relation. The rights of the originator to use the photo remain. (especially for this paragraph we recommend to check the detailed german wording if you require legal certainty!)


11)   The participant agrees that the photos and the name of the participants can be published by the Balald Klub wihout any obligations arising thereof.


12)   In case of any right violation or claims the participant shall indemnify the organizer from any third party claim. (especially for this paragraph we recommend to check the detailed german wording if you require legal certainty!)


13)   The Jury's decision is final.

We are looking forward to the transmission of your photos!

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