GfK-Classics 2021 inkl. Jubiläumstreffen der Ballads

Anfang September finden nun (hoffentlich) die 16. GfK Classics statt.
In Abstimmung mit dem Verein GFK-Klassiker e.V. wird das Treffen zum 50 Jährigen Ballad-Jubiläum vereint stattfinden.
Die Anmeldung erfolgt - sobald freigegeben - über die Webseite
Da die Anmeldung nur in deutscher Sprache möglich ist, bieten wir gerne Unterstützung für ausländische Ballad-Teilnehmer an. Bitte kontaktiert in diesem Fall Redaktion(at) .

Bleibt Gesund!
Auf eine hoffentlich zunehmend entspanntere Situation!
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The 16th GfK Classics will now (hopefully) take place at the beginning of September.

In coordination with the GFK-Klassiker e.V. association, the meeting will take place united for the 50th anniversary of the Ballad.

Registration will take place - as soon as released - via the website

As registration is only possible in German, we are happy to offer support for foreign Ballad participants. In this case, please contact .

Stay healthy!

Here's to a hopefully increasingly relaxed situation!

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- from GfK Classics ...translated

The 16th GFK-Classics 2021(formerly ModernClassics) will take place - as we all hope - in the usual form in the harbour of Maasholm as a presence event from 03 to 05 September. 

We are - after this time - so looking forward to it!

The planning has begun, and there will be a supporting programme that should also be helpful for the preservation and operation of classic GRP yachts.

The joint squadron trip to the starting line, a small regatta in front of Schleimünde (Sperrgebiet Rund), and exercises that require the skill of the crew in handling their yacht.will keep us busy during this wonderful weekend.

Food and drink will be largely provided for, but the full programme will be published here in due
published here in due course.